It’s time to bring your work outdoors

PLOTworks brings the benefits of being at PLOT 22 to those in work. We want to help reduce work place stress and increase wellbeing and creativity for workers. Many people are working alone from home or in busy offices that make them ill. We know the natural world reduces stress symptoms and inspires creative thinking and creative conversations. So it’s time to explore new ways to get our work done out of doors:

Plot 22 was the perfect setting for our Team day, wonderful and nurturing to be amongst nature, to make a lunch from the garden, and share the day together.

The Plot 22 space was an amazing idea and really enjoyed the tranquillity of it, oh and the food! I would definitely be happy to do something like this again.

It was a wonderful venue/setting/lunch which contributed to the positive team building day.

What a wonderful day, the weather was gorgeous and so was the company and food. Having the space to enjoy beautiful surroundings was such a different way to spend a day.