What is it? A seasonal, outdoor co-working space at PLOT 22. We want to find new ways to ensure that everyone can benefit from time in nature.

What does this look like? Generally Greendesking simply means taking your laptop outdoors, and whilst you would be welcome to bring your laptop along, why stop there? Time away from the screen can be equally productive, if not more. When was the last time you had a meeting outdoors, or round a fire? If you lose focus instead of scrolling through social media, why not do a spot of watering. Or simply take time to breathe in the season. How about doing some weeding while mulling over a current work challenge? 

Why do it? We want to find new ways to ensure that everyone can benefit from time in nature, including those in work, because workplace stress is a health issue for so many. Research has shown that not only is being in nature good for our health, our creative thinking and concentration also improve when we are outdoors.

At PLOT 22 you can:

  • Get offline for some genuinely blue sky thinking

  • Take a screen detox and work things out on paper – old fashioned style.

  • Have an outdoor meeting

Meet with and be alongside others taking steps to re-wild their workspace

  • There is also great value beyond the time itself, as you take the Greendesking practices back to your workplace


Who is it for? Freelancers, creatives, writers and desk-based workers. In fact, anyone who would benefit from some time spent outdoors, which is everyone. We have space for up to eight ‘Greendeskers’ per session (plus two PLOT 22 hosts). If you would like to come as a team get in touch to find out how we can tailor your visit.

When is it? Fortnightly on a Monday afternoon 2-5pm from May - September 2019. Please see the drop-down menu on the booking page for dates.

Where is it? At the PLOT 22 community garden, Weald Allotments, Weald Avenue, Hove BN3 7JN. See directions and details for how simple it is to get here.

How much does it cost? £10 per session. (Includes a selection of teas and good coffee, made with chlorine free filtered rain water, plus herbal infusions using plants gathered on site.)

How do I join? PLOT 22 is piloting Greendesking during the warmer months of 2019 and we invite you to join us at a taster session on 20th May (booking essential).

If you like it, you can book in more Greendesking sessions. Alternatively, you can just go ahead and book your sessions here:



We’ve added new Monday dates for 2019 and will be piloting the sessions on Friday afternoons in the New Year 2020.

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  • Is there wifi? No.

  • Can I take phone calls? You can, but we would encourage you to switch your phone to silent and to be sensitive to others in the space. There is plenty of space to wander off to if needs be.

  • Can I charge my phone? PLOT 22 is off grid so you will need to bring your own power pack. 

  • What if it rains? We have a wood cabin with wood burning stove and blankets for shelter during poor weather. Sessions will run in all weathers. So please bear this in mind when you book.

Is there a toilet? Yes we have a compost toilet on site.

  • Can I drop in for part of the session? For the initial taster session we ask everyone to come for the start. At other times you can drop-in for part of the session but you will still need to book and then phone us when you get to the main gate so we can let you in.

  • Can I use the space for a meeting? Yes, if all participants book in and you are flexible in terms of which part of the plot you meet in, or let us know in advance you’d like to hold a meeting in a specific part of the plot and we can reserve that space for you. 

  • Can I come and not do any work? Of course! As long as it’s not disruptive to others. Daydreaming is gravely underestimated!

  • Is lunch provided? No, but you are welcome to bring your lunch with you. We prefer if this is vegetarian and ask that you take your rubbish away with you.

  • Can I just turn up on the day? No, booking is essential as it is a locked site and numbers are limited.
 But you can book online up to the day before if places are available.

  • If I book but can’t come can I get a refund? If you cancel up to 7 days before the session we can offer a full refund. Cancellations or no shows under 7 days are not refundable.