Quiet Garden

PLOT 22 is an associate member of the Quiet Garden Movement.

Our Quiet Garden sessions offer the opportunity for quiet reflection in the outdoors. Somewhere to enjoy the restorative peace of the garden away from the busyness of your normal day. During a session you can choose to garden on the allotment or you may want to read, draw or just sit and enjoy getting close to the wonders of this natural oasis. These 2 hour sessions are hosted by a volunteer. They are open to Friends of PLOT 22 free of charge. Once you become a Friend of PLOT 22 we can then contact you with details of how to attend.

Update September 2018:

Quiet Garden is pausing for the winter now but we’ll be restarting again next May when the longer evenings return. Here’s a written reflection by Charlotte of her time spent at one of the evenings this summer.