TouchBase is a specialist support provision for primary and secondary schools in Brighton & Hove, supporting those impacted by relational trauma and loss. TouchBase helps children, young people and families adapt and recover so that they can make the most of family and school life.

Visiting PLOT 22 weekly during term time enables TouchBase to provide young people and the key adults in their lives a special space to connect and build trust; exploring the site together, gardening, creating and cooking up a shared lunch.

Each session is led and facilitated by two TouchBase Attachment Lead Teachers and Therapists. For more information visit:


Previous children and schools projects at PLOT 22:

Nature's Nippers

Nature's Nippers is an outdoor group for parents and pre-school children. It was started in 2012 in response to interest from parents we connected with through the local Children's Centre. You can read what happened when we met every month from January - December 2013 in the lovely diary we made: Nature's Nippers – a year at PLOT 22 and view photos of all our other sessions over on our flickr gallery. Here's a taster:

In 2015 the sessions were hosted by parents and carers Ellie, Mami, Becky and Laetitia. They approached the Healthy Neighbourhood Fund for a grant and this enabled us to hold 4 further taster sessions in 2016. This short video was made during these sessions:


Thai Food for Teenagers

During the fine weather of July and August 2011, seven groups of young people came to learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisine from Yoong Romchai, chef and founder of Hungry Monkey. Working outdoors, we harvested, prepared and then cooked vegetables and herbs Thai-style, filling this quiet allotment garden with the exotic smells and flavours of Thailand. You can read our story of working with Yoong here Thai Food at PLOT 22. These sessions were funded by the Hedgecock Bequest Fund.

An Adventure at PLOT 22 with Portslade Infant Eco Warriors

Children grow and plants grow. But did you know that ideas can grow too? This story is about helping ideas grow into real things we can share with others. Read what happened here:  An Adventure at PLOT 22 with Portslade Infant Eco WarriorsThis project was funded by People Can (formerly The Scarman Trust).

Nature Learning with schools

This simple guide has been created to inspire teachers who want to weave Nature Learning into the school day. It seeks to help teachers, no matter what their experience, confidently support children to connect with the magic of nature around them.

Nature Learning Through the Seasons, a handbook for in-school projects by Nadia Foley Comer and Emma Houldsworth. Other photo diaries and books can be previewed and purchased on our page. Any proceeds from sales go to PLOT 22.