Necco Bocco Japanese Group, by volunteer and session lead Mami Houlton

"Attending Nature's Nippers gave me and my son a space for breathing and gardening and meeting other mums and children. It helped me to cope with my life. Emma held the group gently and I felt the respect for all and the warmth in PLOT 22. So I was thinking to create something like this with my Japanese community.

In 2015, I decided to start Japanse group at PLOT 22. I applied for the funding on behalf of my group and luckily, I received some from Skipton Grassroots Grants to do 6 sessions. That is how we started. We called it Necco Bocco. Many family wanted to join but doing group on my own was much harder at first than I had expected. I asked advice to Emma and managed to continue. 

I have noticed children are eating vegetables and mothers are impressed their children can do washing up as well as chopping vegetables. Nice to share meals and speak Japanese while gardening. In April we raised money for Japanese Earthquake Fund with this group. We enjoyed hot summer and harvesting cherries. Sharing experience with others is so nice for children and us as well. I am glad I tried it. Some children really needed this to feel ok and they work very hard and contribute a lot. Children are craving for connection with nature and free space to feel safe."



Four bread baking workshops with Simon Cobb, from Stoneham Bakehouse. 

These sessions gave our volunteers and folks new to PLOT 22 a chance to use our hand-made clay oven. (Funded by Brighton & Hove Food Partnership)


Mosaic workshops with Tamsin from Wide Berth



Garden Fridays


Conway Court Children's Centre - Parent Involvement Network Group


Oromo Community visit


Woodcraft Folk


Portslade Infant School