What? A day working outdoors at community allotment PLOT 22. What does this look like? Traditional green-desking simply means taking your laptop outdoors, but why stop there? When was the last time you had a meeting outdoors, or round a fire? If you lose focus rather than mindlessly scrolling through social media, why not do a spot of watering. Or how about doing some weeding while mulling over a current work challenge? 

Why? Research has shown that we think more creatively when we are outdoors, and being in nature is good for us, whether at work or play.

We have the chance to get offline, or more easily limit our time online.

Have a screen detox

Great to have outdoor meetings

Meet with and be alongside others taking steps to re-wild their workspace

There is also great value beyond the day itself, as you take the green-desking practices back to your workplace

Who? Freelancers, creatives, writers and desk-based workers. In fact, anyone who would benefit from a day spent outdoors, which is everyone. We have space for up to eight workers each day (plus two PLOT 22 hosts). If you would like to come as a team get in touch to find out we can tailor your visit.


Once a month…


PLOT 22 is a magical community allotment…

How much?

£30 for the day, 10:00 to 15:00.


Is there wifi?

Can I take phone calls?

Can I charge my phone?

Is there a quiet space?

What if it rains?

Is there a toilet?

Can I drop in for part of the day?

Can I hold a meeting during the day?

Can I come and not do any work?

Is lunch provided?

Can I just turn up on the day?

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