Fruit Cheese Workshop

This was the second workshop run by Louise and Carol, local forging and wild cooking experts. Fruit butter and fruit cheese are old-fashioned names for preserves made with fruit purée and sugar. It’s a good way of preserving fruit which has a lot of pips or stones and this recipe can be adapted for many types of hedgerow fruits. If stored well-sealed these cheeses can last up to a year and are often better if left to mature for 2 months before using. Fruit cheese makes a delicious accompaniment for traditional cheeses and cold meats. They can be turned out in one piece and cut with a knife. During the Autumn, Carol and Louise run similar workshops at Pick It Cook It, over at Daylands Farm near Steyning. You can also learn how to make other hedgerow delights like hawthorn ketchup and rosehip syrup.

Fruit Cheese Recipe
(Makes roughly 1kg)

1kg fruit (apple, quince, damson…)
500g-700g sugar

Chop fruit, discarding only bruised bits
Barely cover with water and boil until soft and pulpy
When slightly cool, push through sieve and weigh pulp
Add equal amount of sugar and cook until thick
Pour into shallow moulds (brushed with glycerin)
Cover with food grade paraffin wax

Here’s what people said about it:

Delicious fruit cheese - great to learn new skills!
Another great time at ‘the magic garden’…thank you.
Our first time here and we really enjoyed it. Relaxing friendly and very inspiring. Thank you.
Really relaxing and interesting workshop.
A lovely workshop, warm, interesting and connecting us with real food! x