Hey Pesto!

This was the first workshop at PLOT 22 run by Louise and Carol, local forging and wild cooking experts. Participants produced their own Plotty Pesto, using herbs they gathered from around the PLOT. Pestle and mortars were used to pound the leaves with nuts and cheese. Everyone chose their own combination of herbs and nuts including: sage and hazelnut, nasturium and walnut, and basil and roasted peanut. Some daring combos included all of the above and more! In early Spring time, Carol and Louise run a similar workshop at Pick It Cook It, over at Daylands Farm near Steyning, using wild garlic from the surrounding woodlands.


30g nuts
30g parmesan cheese
80g herbs
80ml olive oil

shallot, garlic, lemon zest or juice, salt & pepper all to taste.

Finely chop, grate and crush all ingredients
Add oil and fill a sterilised jar with the mixture
Cover the top with a layer of oil
Keep in the fridge once opened.