Thai Food Pick & Cook Workshops

Yoong (Anongnat Romchai) from HUNGRY MONKEY joined PLOT 22 to host eight Thai Food ‘pick & cook’ workshops for 11-16 yr olds during the first two weeks of the summer holidays.

An experienced chef and inspiring teacher of Asian cooking, Yoong taught us how to prepare and cook the ingredients at PLOT 22 Thai-style, while she shared her stories of growing up in Thailand; of the food she loved to eat there and how she learned to cook at her Grandmother’s side. These days Yoong is passionate about inspiring young people to cook and try new foods, back then she was forever finding ways to escape!

Our thanks to all who participated.

See the Gallery for more photos. For a more detailed account, including all the recipes, view our book online: Thai Food at PLOT 22.

Supported by the Hedgecock Bequest Fund