Cyber Punk and PLOT preserves

We wondered what was walking up the garden path when Leo arrived wearing this fantastical piece of body art. Leo is one of our regular Friday volunteers and a 3D artist. This particular piece of Cyber Punk art, made from recycled electronic gadgetry, is being modelled by Richard.

After giving us a brief history of Cyberpunk costume art and its influences Leo encouraged us to bring along any broken gadgetry from home that he could re-purpose as cyber sculptures for the garden. Who knows, perhaps a fairy light will become an insect’s antennae, a piece of circuit board a butterfly’s wing!

Here is Leo sporting another set of eye-goggles:

It was a day that spanned the ages – from futurist features to traditional culinary arts – as we chopped and stirred windfall apples and plums donated by nearby plots into scrumptious spicy chutneys and pickles.