"Could it be possible that a landscape might have a deep friendship with you? That it could sense your presence and feel the care you extend towards it?" John O'Donohue


People Care

PLOT 22 is an allotment garden where you can share in the planting, growing and eating of healthy seasonal food. When you come along you'll find a diverse group of people, contributing their unique skills and abilities to make the PLOT an enjoyable and rejuvenating place to be. It's where connection to each other and the land deepens over time and many have told us just being here helps them feel relaxed and refreshed.

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Earth Care

There are many simple ways we can conserve our natural resources and live in harmony with the seasons. We encourage and demonstrate how to grow food and make compost organically. The design and the way we work is inspired by the principles of Permaculture. We work together in the spirit of kindness towards each other and extend this to the land and the non-human inhabitants. 


Fair Share

PLOT 22 is a volunteer led charity. Produce is shared by cooking a communally prepared meal when we garden together or by offering surplus fruit and vegetables free to participants and volunteers. We strive at all times to operate in the spirit of transparency, collaboration and fairness. To ensure we are inclusive and safe, please be aware that we are a no alcohol, vegetarian project.

Living Questions

PLOT 22 is about gift, connection and stepping into a community ethos. Together we are living many questions: Can we create a space that supports involvement and ensures everyone’s voice is heard and considered? Can we share the responsibility for resourcing our activities and sustaining our web of relationships? What more can we do to reduce the negative and often unseen consequences of our activities? Can we create space for challenge and diversity of opinion? How do we extend a spirit of collaboration to other land based communities and outdoor wellbeing projects in a time of competitive funding needs? Exploring these questions, learning from our mistakes and telling the story along the way is our collective harvest.

Our Way of Being board has been shared widely with other garden projects. It evolved through our experience at PLOT 22 and helps us garden safely and well together.

Welcome leaflet

Our welcome leaflet is available to download or print out as a .pdf 

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PLOT 22 Leaflet Nov 2018 for lollipop.jpg