We work collaboratively and in partnership with many different groups and organisations to help us maximise the benefit to the community from our allotment. The nature of these collaborations varies from one-off workshops to year long funded projects. Some partnership projects are developed and managed by us, for others we provide the venue and light touch support. Over the last year we have been developing the Green Wellbeing Alliance alongside other Sussex based providers of 'green care' and social and therapeutic horticulture. If you have an idea you'd like to explore. Please get in touch.   


EarthWorks - with The Martlets Hospice

EarthWorks is a Martlets Hospice project for bereaved men to come together as a group for counselling or peer support whilst they work on the PLOT 22 allotment. Facilitated by Katie Dennis a professional counsellor, it will run weekly until March 2019. "We will be looking to create an environment where the men can gain mutual support, use nature as a source of healing and begin to share their experiences of grief. It’s an opportunity to get outside, socialise and draw strength from others who acutely understand what loss feels like.” Jane Cato, Counselling and Bereavement Services Manager at Martlets. To find out more please get in touch with Katie Dennis katie.dennis@martlets.org.uk 


Thyme & Space - with The Survivor's Network

Thyme & Space is a PLOT 22 project for female survivors of sexual violence or abuse. It was developed and initially hosted by volunteers from our Lady Garden team and piloted in collaboration with The Survivor's Network who promoted the project with their service users.

More information about this project can be found on our project page over here.



Time at PLOT 22 is offered as part of TouchBase's programme of support for children and young people who have experienced family trauma, and loss. TouchBase helps these children move towards learned security and become better able to thrive in the school context. They work closely with parents, key adults and schools too. By spending a therapeutic day at PLOT 22 key relationships are strengthened through the sharing of a multi-sensory experience. These term-time sessions are led and facilitated by two TouchBase Attachment Lead Teachers and Therapists. 

Necco Bocco - Japanese Families Group 2015/16

"Attending Nature's Nippers gave me and my son a space for breathing and gardening and meeting other mums and children. It helped me cope with my life. Emma held the group gently and I felt the respect for all and the warmth in PLOT 22. So I was thinking to create something like this with my Japanese community. I applied for funding on behalf of my group to Skipton Grassroots Grants for 6 sessions. That is how we started. We called it Necco Bocco [It means Root Children]. Many family wanted to join and doing group on my own was much harder at first than I had expected. Children are eating vegetables, washing up and chopping vegetables. We enjoyed hot summer and harvesting cherries. Sharing experience with others is so nice for children and us as well. I am glad I tried it. Some children really needed this to feel ok and they work very hard and contribute a lot." – Mami Houlton volunteer and project lead.

Photos over here


Bread baking

A series of 4 workshops with Simon Cobb, from Stoneham Bakehouse. These workshops were requested by PLOT 22 volunteers who attended previous Garden Friday, Lady Garden and Garden Sunday events. We were able to run them thanks to a grant from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership. The sessions gave both existing volunteers and folks new to PLOT 22 a chance to use our hand-made clay oven. Simon advocates the mental health benefits of working practically with dough and is bringing back forgotten skills to the community.

"This was a lovely day and learning about real bread from Simon was a great experience. I’ve made flatbreads at home since then, both on my own and with my children. It’s much simpler once you’ve been taught by an expert! " – Charlotte

You can find photos of all the workshops over here.



with Tamsin Williams from Wide Berth. In addition to the bread making we were able to run 2 mosaic making workshops teaching the craft of mosaic tiling and creating decorative pieces for the allotment.   

"Both of these events were hugely enjoyable and very much appreciated…Excellent working with a professional. Mosaics was new for me, much more difficult than I expected. Would certainly like to try again." – Janet

Photos of the workshops and finished pieces over here and here.

With thanks to Tamsin and project funders Brighton & Hove Food Partnership.

BHOGG and Garden Fridays

In 2014/5 our weekly Friday crew linked with Brighton & Hove Organic Gardening Group to garden their Weald allotment. We were grateful to be able to make use of their poly-tunnel shelter during the winter period when there were just too many of us to comfortably fit into our cabin on rainy days. Here are some photos taken at our first session there.

Listen Leo and Tanweer talk about their experiences of coming along to Garden Fridays.

Thank you BHOGG!


Parent Involvement Network Group (PING)

In 2014 funds were awarded to PING by The Healthy Neighbourhood Fund for pick & cook taster sessions at PLOT 22. This created more opportunities for parents and children to access our our allotment garden and find out the variety of opportunities on offer. The group met at the Conway Court Children's Centre and walked up together, accompanied by volunteers. 

We continue to work closely with Conway Court Children's Centre hosting new groups of parents and children at our Grow & Play sessions.

Photos from the various sessions can be found over in our archive here. 

Oromo Community visit

In May 2014 members of the Oromo community living here in Brighton requested to come along to PLOT 22 for a pick & cook session. We enjoyed some popcorn cooked on the fire, explored the garden together and chatted about the different herbs and crops traditionally grown in their homeland of Ethiopia. A meal was made and shared with harvested produce and some beautiful injera bread, (traditionally made with teff flour) the women had made and brought along.

Photos over here

Thai Food for Teenagers

During the fine weather of July and August 2011, seven groups of young people came to learn how to cook authentic Thai cuisine from Yoong Romchai, chef and founder of Hungry Monkey. Working outdoors, we harvested, prepared and then cooked vegetables and herbs Thai-style, filling this quiet allotment garden with the exotic smells and flavours of Thailand. You can read our story of working with Yoong here Thai Food at PLOT 22. These sessions were funded by the Hedgecock Bequest Fund.


An Adventure at PLOT 22 with Portslade Infants' Eco Warriors (now Brackenbury Primary School)

Children grow and plants grow. But did you know that ideas can grow too? This story is about helping ideas grow into real things we can share with others. Read what happened here:  An Adventure at PLOT 22 with Portslade Infant Eco WarriorsThis project was funded by People Can (formerly The Scarman Trust).