The Power of Place

The “power of place” is the transformative magic that arises when land and people meet in a special way.

It is more challenging in a city to develop a personal bond with the land and often not even considered important. Yet a special relationship with place brings a sense of belonging, connection and guardianship. All powerful elements in what it is to live healthily and well as individuals and as communities.

Many creative changes have taken place over the Winter. Some sensitive re-landscaping is happening to make the experience of being there more special. Circular pathways and archways woven from natural materials now guide our entrance into the different spaces of PLOT 22. Though bare branches now — by the Summer they will be swathed in climbing vegetables and scented flowers.

The skillfulness of Andy Whitcombe, who has been gardening at the Weald site for more than twenty years, and our intention to create a place of natural beauty is steadily transforming the place of PLOT 22.

Who knows what mysteries, masteries, and artistries are accessible when we join together as a community of learners in communion with the land?