BMECP Elders Pick & Cook # 2

The rain storm blew over just in time for our second visit from the Black & Minority Ethnic Elders Group organised by Harvest. Between everyone we managed to forage enough ingredients for some more of Caroline’s famous vegetable fritters, a delicious salad (made all the tastier for being chopped small) and a cucumber raita. And we ate the tomato - all 11 of us! More photos can be viewed in the Gallery

Caroline Whiteman led the food preparation and cooking. She also brought us some honey comb made by her bees, so we can prepare the Top Bar Hive Andy has made from pallet wood. If a new swarm is to move in next Spring it must smell right — just like any new home! As first time bee-keepers we will be logging our adventures here as we go along.

You can download free instructions on how to make one of these hives here: Build a Bee Hive